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 Free Music Guide

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Number of posts : 229
Age : 28
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PostSubject: Free Music Guide   Thu 19 Mar 2009, 5:24 pm

Alrighty, So over the years i've been pirating music since like... 2003 lmao.
I've lost a lot of the music from stupid shit like water split in my hard drive
and from viruses.
Well I've got tired of buying CD's and buying from Itunes.
So enough of me QQing.
In these tutorials I'm going to tell you ways to get music and albums for free. It's quite simple. With that said, lets begin.

First tutorial: Downloading Music MP3's
Okay, so your mom and dad is tired of you downloading P2P programs "Bearshare, LimeWire, Morpheus... ect" Well this tutorial will teach you how to get your songs without those damn parents nagging at you!

1)Create a new folder. Name it "Music" any were of your choice(desktop, pictures, ect.) or you could use your current music folder.(Creating a new folder helps keeping your music from Itunes and Bearshare ect from the music you download from these tutorials so you can get to the files quickly without searching your music folders) Razz

2)Open your web browser; Firefox Internet Explore ect. then go to this site:
(His main page is a great site, It's my homepage great resourse)

3)Once you're at the page it's pretty simple from here. Where it says "Type any song" go ahead and type in the Artist you wish to look for.
I use "Pink Floyd" and then click "Super Google Search"

4)Now it will take you to a new page with a list of "Index/" These "Index" or full of artist that you search, sometimes mix in with others.
(These Index are just playlist from other people if I'm correct) Also you will run into Artist full Albums Index Smile

5)Once you've click on the Index find the song you wish to download. For me I'm looking for "Pinky Floyd - Comfortbaly Numb".

6) Once I've found the file I wish to download right click on the link and then click "Save Link As"

7) After clicking Save Link As just save the file to your "Music" folder that you created in Step One.(Its always nice to make sure the file is save with the correct name EX: save it as "Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb" and not as "-21- Comfortably Numb" Wink

8)Once finished with the editing of the file name, just go back to the Index page of MP3's and reapeat these steps Smile
Second Tutorial: Download Music Albums

Alright... so downloading MP3 after MP3 gets old and you just want FULL ALBUMS! Well this guild will help you do so.

1)From the following tutorial just pick up from step 4, where you go to

2)Once you're at the site type in the Artist you wish to download Smile. In this case I'm going to download Lil Wayne's "The Carter" So I just type in "Lil wayne" where it says "Type Any Song"

3)After you type in the Artist you want, go over to the drop down bar were it says "MP3 search" and scroll down and click on the "Music album/ Artist" option and then click "super google search"

4)Now you should have a google page of Links for Lilwayne. Now just scroll through and look for the album you want. For me it's "The Carter" Lil wayne I want so I would click on that link
Hint: Look at the file size to make sure you're getting the whole album. Also I surggest you only download from MedaiFire, MegaUpload, RaidShare. The other sites are more complex to get the album from. Also Mediafire,MegaUpload and Rapidshare are User Friendly.

5) Now Just wait for your file to finish downloading and extract it to your Music foler Very Happy!
Thrid Tutorial: Music Downloading Myspace.

Sadface. So The last 2 tutorials didn't give you the Band or MP3 you were looking for. No worries. We will just haxz the Band Myspace Wink
Not really hack.. but ... anywho. This tutorial will allow you to download the Myspace Band music playlist!
Yes, it's quite easy too. No sweat Smile

1)First find the band you wish to download their songs. For me I'm going to use "The Devil Wears Prada" because I want their new song "Den Moines" (side note: Good shit Wink)

2)Once you're at the bands Myspace open up a new web browser or tab(if you use Firefox) and go to this site ""

3)Take the Myspace URL and copy it. Now go to "File2HD" and paste it were it says "URL:" next to the search box. Click on "I have read the terms... blah blah"

4) Next to filters check "Audio" this allows the site to only show you the Myspace aduiod files.

5)Now click on "Get Files!" you'll be taken to a new page it will tell you what to do with the files (right click save as ; Just as in my first tutorial)
-Importan, Only use "Standard Quailty"-
6) Well now you will see a list of the bands Mypace playlist on Flie2HD, just right click on the file you wish to have (Den Moines) for me Razz and click on "Save Link As" Now as in tutorial One, make sure the file name is to your liking and save it in your Music folder!

7) Now you're finish with downloading music from Myspace! Now just reapeat the steps to get all the songs you desire!! Very Happy
Last tutorial: Music Downloading Request.

This is just another cool place to get bands whole albums or to request a album if you're to lazy to do it your self Wink

1) Go to

2)Look through their Genre on the left side first and see if they have the band you're looking for.

3)If not at the top of the page on the left side is a search bar, just use that to look for an artist.

4) What is great about this site is their very active and always doing request!

5) If you wish to make a request simply use the shout box on the left side of the page and they will have the results for you with in a day or two.

6) They always upload the band you request on their homepage so just refresh if you'd like to see if they have uploaded the album!

7) Finally, Check out their Request forums. They have a lot of albums in there as well as Discoverphys

I hope my guide on getting free music has help you with your music collection! Also I promise these ways of getting music will help you explore more music genres that you may have never knew you enjoy!

I ask, if my guide did help you to please. + rep me Smile
I mean... that's what it's there for Wink

Thanks VCN. I hope I help you all

Less Than Three Spoon Wink

anyquestion contact me @
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Number of posts : 2649
Age : 27
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Points : 5802
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PostSubject: Re: Free Music Guide   Thu 19 Mar 2009, 5:44 pm

Well made guide. Wink
This is what I do tho.
1. Download BitTorrent
2. Go to
3. Type the name of album / game / movie / software
4. Download it
5. Enjoy getting beaten by police

What ever people do, don't use Limewire, heard it increases Your chance to get beaten by officer by 120%.
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Number of posts : 219
Age : 25
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Points : 3820
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PostSubject: Re: Free Music Guide   Thu 19 Mar 2009, 5:47 pm

I got a neat program called Real Player that lets me dl anything that can pretty much be streamed, like youtube videos and songs off of playlists. All I need there, ty for the post though, it could be useful
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Number of posts : 229
Age : 28
Joined : 2009-01-15
Points : 3737
Reputation : 3

PostSubject: Re: Free Music Guide   Thu 19 Mar 2009, 6:08 pm

Haha thanks for the input:)
This is just for a new way to explore music.
Also I know a lot of peoples parents hate when they download bearshare and such so I'd thought I help them out Wink
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Number of posts : 767
Age : 26
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PostSubject: Re: Free Music Guide   Fri 20 Mar 2009, 10:05 am

Juicy wrote:
Well made guide. Wink
This is what I do tho.
1. Download BitTorrent
2. Go to
3. Type the name of album / game / movie / software
4. Download it
5. Enjoy getting beaten by police

What ever people do, don't use Limewire, heard it increases Your chance to get beaten by officer by 120%.
limewire isnt that bad -.-
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PostSubject: Re: Free Music Guide   

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Free Music Guide
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