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Hunter Tips/ Guide - By a Huntard

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Hunter Tips/ Guide - By a Huntard

Post by Axking on Wed 10 Jun 2009, 12:16 am

Disclaimer :

* Dont Take it to Seriously
* Only for VNC*
* I am not a Pro


I made this Guide because i was bored, thought i rather be productive and share something with people and get some feedback Smile



Most hunters are survival or MM, but MM To me is the BEST OPTION simply because of Silencing shot and True Shot Aura, it is too useful in any situation.


STACK AP AND CRIT- Trust me, Agility, Duh.

40 agility = +1% crit.

1 agility = 1 RAP.

14 RAP = +1 DPS.

22 crit rating = +1% crit.

16 hit rating = +1% hit



S5 or T7, both are good , but choosing weapons- 2H- AXE - Betrayer of Humanity, and Envoy of Mortality, Enchanted 85+ ap and 40 crit rating., FTW.

Trinkets : Grim & Dark moon cards tend to proc alot.

Useful Skills:

Always TRACK - Keep an eye out.

Keep Disengage, and Finge Death Macro

PvP in a Nutshell-


Hunters kill leather and cloth opponents- dont attack Pallie, if a cloth is near by!!

* Always Place a FREEZING TRAP behind you when standing , rouges, loves to ambush, but they always freeze on me.

* Keep Kitting- Always act like your being chased by a pallie
In steps, the mechanics for kiting are:

1) Run forward holding down either 'w' or both mouse buttons.

2) Jump with space bar, release 'w' or your mouse buttons.

3) Spin 90-180 degrees in either direction using your mouse.

4) Hit your concussive shot, arcane shot, or sting button to shoot.

5) Spin back in the other direction using your mouse.

6) Hold down 'w' or both mouse buttons to resume running.

* SPERPENT STING- everthing

*SPAM KILL SHOT - If you want to be on top of Score of Killing Blows, Spam it.

* STAY BEHIND some one always, Unless your chasing some one, always stay behind one person at least when attacking the enemy,

* Usually, one side will dominate another and CC near the spirit rez, in that time, there is no need to keep dieing to enemy, instead, if POSSIBLE, go around and get there flag, to DISTRACT THEM.

Addons :


A must have for pvp, get it if you dont have it.


Nearly no hunters in server have pets, only a few, i have a 76 cat from shozlar Basin, useless, for they die to often, but you should get one if you do Arena.


Generally- A good/ comfortable UI makes all the difference,

Here's mine, its good for me:



Warlocks- easy to kill but there DOTS DOTS DOTS kills you.

Rogues-- Freez Them Before they one shot you.


Warriors- KITE EM

Priests, - Silence , Silence, Scater Shot.

DK- /lol

Mage- Put em to Sleep

Huntards- Who ever Gets the first shot.


I'll Add more after seggestions, thnx for reading!!

damn i am bored. lol!

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Hunter Tips/ Guide - By a Huntard

Post by Merox32 on Wed 10 Jun 2009, 9:59 am

Thanks alot, this guide was very usefull cheers
Im new to hunter and dont have a clue how to play one lol!

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