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Warriors on 3.1 (Full List)

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Warriors on 3.1 (Full List)

Post by Earz on Wed 01 Jul 2009, 6:51 pm

VCN FrOzEn 3.1

Posted: 7/1/09
Latest Edit: 7/3/09

Color Code Legend:

Does not work at all - extra information will be attached
Some aspects work, others don't - Detailed description will be attached
Working, but a bit too well - Detailed description will be attached



Iron Will - Anything related to stun/charm/fear duration reduction does not work. Applies to all classes
Tactical Mastery
Anger Management
Deep Wounds - Works fine, with the exception of procing on ranged crits, which makes it more OP
Two-Handed Weapon Specialization - Anything related to weapon specializations (with the exception of Dual Wield Specializations) does not work. Applies to all classes.
Taste for Blood - The "This effect will not occur more than once every 6 sec" line does not apply. Therefore, Taste for Blood procs on every Rend tick.
Trauma - Procs, but the effect does not work.
Unrelenting Assault - The second half of the talent's description (In addition, if you strike...) does not work. First half works fine.
Bladestorm - Can be interrupted by stun/fear/incapacitating effects.


Improved Berserker Stance - When in Berserker Stance and specing into the talent, your strength does get increased, but once you switch stance then switch back to Berserker Stance, the talent no longer works.


Devastate - Does damage, but does not apply the sunder armor effect. However, it does increase the number of sunder armor's that are applied to the target after Sunder Armor is applied to the target.
Sword and Board - The 30% chance to refresh the cooldown of Shield Slam does not work. Does not proc.



Rend - The damage is not properly scaled by attack power.


Enraged Regeneration - Does not proc when an Enrage effect is on player.
Intimidating Shout - The player gets feared as well after making contact against the feared target.
Whirlwind - For Warriors who are wielding only one weapon, Whrilwind hits twice at all times, including in Bladestorm.
Slam - It does damage, but it shows up as an OP white hit rather than an ability hit.


Sunder Armor - Can only be applied once. However, you cannot increase the number of sunder armors being applied to the target when using Sunder Armor. You can increase the number of applied sunder armors by using Devastate, as mentioned earlier.

Questionnable Talents/Abilities

Mace Specialization - Not sure if it works.
Battle Stance - Not sure if the armor penetration effect works.
Unbridled Wrath - Not sure if it works.
Precision - Not sure if it works.

Missing Abilities/Skills

Throw -Warriors don't start out with this.
Shattering Throw - Warriors don't start out with this.

This is all I am able to gather, for now. Changes and updates may occur in the future. If you would like me add or correct anything, feel free to PM me and I will personally test it out for personal reference.
I will do glyphs in the near future, if needed.


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Re: Warriors on 3.1 (Full List)

Post by Kyte on Thu 02 Jul 2009, 11:20 am

Good list mate, I hope to see this fixes done as fast as possible Very Happy

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Re: Warriors on 3.1 (Full List)

Post by idun3000 on Thu 02 Jul 2009, 11:23 am

Oh god yes good list! hope all those spells gets fixxed<3

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Re: Warriors on 3.1 (Full List)

Post by Sponsored content

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